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Do You Have a Loved One in Long-Term Care?

Offering FREE copies of book on caregiving

As someone who has cared for a mother living in a long-term care community, I know the feeling of anxiety that washes over you, when you cannot or are unable to visit your loved one.

Will they be safe? Will they be content? And the most damning questions, Will they remember me when I am able to see them next?

During each week of this COVID-19 crisis, I am offering a FREE copy of my book, I’ll Have Some of Yours: What my mother taught me about dementia, cookies, music, the outside and her life inside a care home, to one subscriber of my website, (scroll down to middle of the my homepage to find the entry box).

While I possess a degree in Applied Math, I’ll get my husband to be my random number generator and select a subscriber from the list. I’ll contact you via email, and make the drop as painless as possible. If you’d like the book via Kindle, I can arrange that too.

Of course, there are other ways to access my book: Download the book from Kindle, email me and I will send it to you directly from the box in my closet, but wiped down by Lysol. I’ll expect a Venmo or personal check in return.

My mother was loved unequivocally by the staff in her care home, such that I often felt unneeded or left out. When I accepted how caregivers did the greatest amount of work in the darkest of times, I allowed a different kind of love to come into my mother’s life. She was all the better for it. So was I.

Forza, as the Italians say, wishing someone strength for his or her journey ahead.

Visit, and scroll to the middle of the page to subscribe today. I promise not to inundate you with unnecessary stuff.



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